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We love betting and sports and therefor we created this site.
We have been around for a long time and got much knowledge about the best offers, ways to get an edge when it comes to betting on sports.

The first step when it comes to betting: Betting Site!

The first thing you should consider if you want to try betting out is the bettingsite.

Following things is good to checkout before you make a decision on where to put your money:

  • what are the odds like?
  • Is there an riskfree bet?
  • do they have a wide range of games to bet on?
  • is the site user friendly on the desktop, mobile and ipad?
  • Is it safe to deposit and withdraw money?

If a betting site check all these boxes its usually a good pick!

Second step: Make an account

When uve found the right place to play on you should register an account.
Make sure you fill everyting in correct – and at the same time checkout there payment options (so there is on you prefer to use).

On some bettingsites you need to verify that ure the person that register the account.
How do they do that? Usually you need to send documents, invoice and a print on your ID-card.
If you don’t handle this you might not be able to withdraw your possibly winnings from sportsbetting.

Third step: Make an educated bet

So uve found the right bettingsite, uve made an account – what next?
First and foremost its always better to bet on a sport you actually know something about.
Maybe you play soccer? Well then you have some knowledge to start with – that makes your possibility of winning even better.

There is alot of blogs out there from sport journalist and other enthusiasts when it comes to sport.
By just following them and reach you get an edge aswell when it comes to betting.

We will try to contribute with sportsnews and tips when it comes to betting sites, and betting – however always make research yourself. And don’t rely on people who haven’t got a good trackrecord themselves when it comes to betting!

Also dont forget there is alot of freebets out there!


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