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Patti McGee (The OG Betty)

Patti McGee (The OG Betty)

Patti McGee is the Original Betty. As the first ever female professional skateboarder and first female inductee in the Skateboarding Hall of Fame, Patti carries the torch for all girls and women (and people for that matter) who share the love of skateboarding.

About Patti


Patti McGee

aka, OG Betty


  • Quick Facts:
    BIRTHDAY: 8/23/45
    HOMETOWN: Ocean Beach, CA
    FAVORITE FOOD: Peanut Butter Toast
    SETUP: Patty McGee Deck 8.5 Old School Shape
    SPONSORS: OG Betty

    Career highlights:
    2010 First ever female to be inducted into the Skateboarding Hall of Fame
    “2nd Annual Skateboarding Hall of Fame Honors Six of the Most Influential Skateboarders of All Time”
    1965 Featured Cover of Life Magazine
    1965 Guest Star on What’s My Line
    1965 Guest Star on the Mike Douglas Show
    1965 Featured Cover of Skateboarder Magazine’s 4th Issue
    1965 1st Female National Skateboard Champion

  • Patti McGee Skateboarding Hall of Fame intro video from Laurie B on Vimeo.