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Jean Rusen Jean Rusen Jean Rusen Jean Rusen

Jean Rusen

Two words. Classy broad. 😉 Actually, there’s more…

Jean began skateboarding at the age of 25, was found by her first sponsor at 35 and earned a place on the podium, with prize money at a Pro event, at 44.

In 2009, Jean was the first woman to ride in a men’s Masters World Cup Skateboarding event (Tim Brauch Memorial Contest – Bowl, Grandmasters) and was ranked in Men’s WCS Masters for three consecutive years, with a ranking of 24th in the world.

Per Jean, “You’re never too old!”

About Jean


Jean Rusen



  • Quick Facts:
    BIRTHDAY: 9/14/68
    HOMETOWN: Baltimore, MD
    FAVORITE FOOD: Guinness (does that count?)
    SETUP: Life Mag Betty 8.5 | 159 Independent Trucks | Bones Wheels SPF Pro Hawk 60 mm | Bones Swiss Ceramic Bearings | Grape Grip
    SPONSORS: OG Betty | Decent Hardware | Recycled Skateboards Int’l | Hoss Rogers Jewelry | Grape Grip | Old Man/Old Maid Army Crew (for life!) | Special Thanks to Tim at Sidewalk Surfer
    OG BETTY TEAM MEMBER SINCE: 2014 (Apparel, 2012)

    Career highlights:
    3rd Place 2013 Girls’ Combi Classic (28 & Over)
    1st Place 2010 GRO Vegas Invasion (Masters) – Las Vegas, NV
    2010 World Cup Skateboarding Men’s Masters Final World Ranking, 24th



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  1. Jean the Skating machine!

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