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Welcome To The OG Betty Team Archives - Original Betty Skateboard Co.



Amy Treadway – Welcome to the Team!

We are extremely excited to welcome Amy Treadway to the OG BETTY team!!

Amy Treadway OG Betty FS Grind

We asked Amy to give a little background about herself and this is what she had to say.

I grew up in the Santa Cruz Mountains, Texas and Santa Cruz, but primarily the Santa Cruz Mountains in a small town called Ben Lomond. I got introduced to skating through my step-brothers because they skated. My first memory of skating was when I was ten, the only reason I remember was because it was the only time I’ve gotten my mouth washed out with soap. I was trying to do an Ollie in the driveway of this house we stayed at in Maui during the summer and I must have hurt myself in the process or something because I yelled, “fuck!”, well my sister heard my ten year old self yelling fuck and that was it; time for me to bite into a bar of soap for 10 mins.

Amy Treadway backside air

The following year when I was eleven was the first time I skated a park, and got my own board set up. Ironically the same sister that washed my mouth out with soap was the person that got me my first complete. The skate park that I first skated was my home park in Ben Lomond called Highlands. It was a newly opened park at the time and I decided to go with my step-brothers. This first time going still sticks out to me for the following reasons; the park was extremely damp, so I rolled in not knowing this makes a difference and ended up stacking. I still went with them to the park a few times, but I didn’t really get into skating till a few years later. Starting at 14 I skated the park pretty regularly, but then didn’t really skate when I was 15. I haven’t stopped skating since I was 16, so the past 8 years have been consistent. Although from the time I was 16-19 and before that I was skating different places but, only riding bowls, but not really doing any tricks except here and there. For the last four years that’s when I started having fun learning different tricks and skating pretty much everyday. It’s fun to challenge myself and work at learning something new. Skating helps me to chill out and not get stir crazy; it’s an adrenaline rush that makes you get lost in it.

Amy Treadway Pool Skating

One of my favorite places to skate is Buena; it was the first pool I ever skated. I would say pools in general are definitely my favorite type of transition; that and DIY’s like grandpa’s, the flower shop and my new favorite Lower Bob’s. I like to skate stuff like that because it’s quick, fun, challenging and brings solid people together to shred. I also love skating a bunch of parks around Texas because it’s like my second home and there’s some really rad chicks that I’m friends with out there that rip at skating and it’s really fun. I of course will always love Ben Lomond Skate Park because it’s where I essentially grew up skating and still love skating. One of my favorite tricks is a front side stand up grind, really fun. My life right now consists of going to community college, painting, going on skate trips and skating primarily with my best friend Cassie. One of the skaters that I’m inspired by the most would be Peter Hewitt for sure. My friend Melissa Sullivan rips and has always been an inspiration, she’s just really humble and genuine too, just an all around awesome person and skateboarder. Julz is a ripper who is inspiring to see skate.




Hannah Chumley – Welcome To The Team!

hanna chumley original betty skateboard co

Good Morning! We have amazing news to share with you today! We are Welcoming Hannah Chumley to the OG Betty team!
Here is Hannah’s story:)

Hannah Chumley started skateboarding at the age of seven, when her dad brought home a Termite skateboard. She immediately picked it up and became attached to her board. At age eight, she entered her first contest, The Rise of the Grom, where she placed 11th out of 16 boys. She was bummed, but that didn’t stop her. The next year, Hannah competed in the King of the Groms qualifier at Progressive skatepark in Canton, Georgia and placed 2nd out of 32 boys. A few months later, she made her first skate expedition to Golden Valley, Minnesota, to compete in the finals, where she placed 7th place. After doing well in several competitions, Hannah became a regular at Progressive Skatepark.

Hannah has had many accomplishments in skating, but some of her favorites is the time she got 2nd place at Skatepark of Tampa’s Spring Roll street contest when she was 10 and getting 2nd in AM bowl at the 2014 Exposure. She has traveled all over the southeast, and to Minnesota and California. Her favorite place to skate would either be Fowler park, or Swift Cantrell. Both are all concrete outdoor parks, but Swift has pool coping and is her go-to training park. There aren’t many skaters where she lives in Canton, Georgia, but she does enjoy skating with her best friend Bobby, who is a rad all terrain skater.

Other than skateboarding, Hannah is a sophomore student in high school, and enjoys going to shows and jamming with her friends. She plays guitar, drums, and bass (soon to be banjo), but she enjoys guitar and drums the most. Music is her passion, along with skating. She is also a vegan, and likes cooking weird foods. Hannah plans on skateboarding, surfing, playing music and going on to college to major in linguistics and minor in Spanish.


Photo : Paul Luna



Jenni Helms – Welcome To The Team!

Jenni Helms - Original Betty Skateboard Co.

Good morning!! We have a new addition to the OG Betty Team! Local Colorado ripper Jenni Helms :)

Jenni Helms started skateboarding in the parking lot of a Colorado local grocery store with her 2 best friends in high school, just pushing around and having fun. Shortly after high school when she was 18 years old, she found her skateboard to become her release and became fully addicted. Deep in the Colorado Rocky Mountains she’d lock up her snowboard for the winter season and pulled out her skateboard. The time Jenni spent on her board was complete freedom for her, unlike anything else she had experienced. She is now living in Arvada, Colorado where there is nothing short of places to skate. With so many skateparks at her finger tips, the choices became endless for which park to skate.

Her favorite place to skate is The Recycler, a wild concoction of wood ramps and add ons deep in a mystical backyard of her buddy Jerry’s. That is her paradise! The Team Pain pool built at Broomfield Skatepark is another one of her favorite places to skate. The tight transitions and challenging set of stairs in that pool keeps Jenni stoked and on her toes.
Jenni is truly inspired when she is out skating with her friends, having fun and laughing. With such a strong skate scene in Colorado, she is surrounded with nothing but fun and love. When she first moved to Arvada, she met Ash Mott, one of her truest inspiring female skaters. Ashley is a humble skater of 22 years who destroys pools with no fear. The days Jenni and Ash get to cruise, is a well deserved good day of skating and hanging.

When Jenni is not cruising around on her skateboard, she’s at Scuderia Rampante wrenching on Ferrari’s. She grew up around cars her whole life, whether it was at the race track or working on Ferraris in the garage with her father, she is no stranger to exotic cars. With the Ferrari shop constantly expanding and growing, Jenni has been kept busy and her hands dirty in the engines. After a long day of work at the shop, she loves nothing more than to break free and jump on her skateboard. Whether it’s a heated session going down or a mellow cruise through the park, no time on her board is waisted time. Cherish the moments and skate on!




Original Betty Skateboards Welcomes Pro Skateboarder Natalie Krishna Das To The Team!

Natalie Krishna Das, Natalie Das, Nixon Watches, Original Betty Skateboard Co

We are pleased to share with you today that Natalie Krishna Das will be joining the OG Betty team!

On top of being a major ripper, Natalie brings a creative essence to skateboarding that shows daily in her photos and videos. She truly loves skateboarding and makes sure to always keep it fun. Natalie is always on an adventure to live life to the fullest with her skateboard right by her side. She truly encompasses originality and is fearless in everything she does!

Natalie Krishna Das was born in Los Angeles, California. Her father is from India and her mother is from England. From California, Natalie moved to Mississippi and then to Arizona in true adventurous form.

Natalie graduated from Arizona State University with her Bachelors Degree of Science in Psychology. She also has a minor in Interdisciplinary Arts.

Natalie has been featured in Juice Magazine, Surf Life Magazine and Skate Junt Magazine. Natalie was in five Coca Cola skateboarding commercials and was also on the cover of Concrete Wave Magazine in 2013.

Natalie started skateboarding 16 years ago. She turned pro in 2010. Her current sponsor list includes: Nixon Watches, Starr Skates, State Bicycle Co, ZOX, Sabaanna, Throwback League Hawaii, Unrulee, and OG Betty.






Original Betty Skateboards “Officially” Welcomes Brighton Zeuner aka “OG Chachi!”

Original Betty Skateboards is proud to welcome Brighton Zeuner, as an official member of the OGB team, as well as to her new home in San Diego, California!

Brighton aka “OG Chachi” has been part of the Original Betty family since 2012 holding down her position as our “Grom Rider.” At 9 years young, her progression in skateboarding is nonstop and she continues to do a great job keeping her fellow skaters stoked.

Brighton Zeuner - welcome photo


Brighton now lives in Encinitas, the town where she spent most of her summers since she was a baby. Before leaving her birthplace of Scottsdale, Arizona, “Chachi” took her confident skateboarding style and technical trickery to some of her favorite Phoenix-area skate parks, along with the ‘ole backyard spine ramp. Check out Brighton Zeuner 2014 AZ Edit and stay tuned for more from this little Original Betty ripper!

Brighton wants to send a special thanks to Josh Weiss of Motovation Films for the edit and to Pink Widow Distribution and the sister riders of Original Betty Skateboards and Silly Girl Skateboards for the continuous support.



Original Betty Skateboard Co. Welcomes Jean Rusen To The Team

Jean Rusen, We are extremely proud to introduce you to the newest member of the OGBetty family!! Jean Rusen! Jean’s current home shredding grounds is Tempe, Arizona. She started skating at age 25.

She acquired her first sponsor at age 35 (nearly 36). Made the podium and won prize money at a pro event for the first time at age 44.

Jean was the first woman to ride in a World Cup Men’s event in Sept., 2009 (Tim Brauch Memorial Bowl Comp, Grandmasters division). She was ranked in the WCS Men’s Masters for 3 years (2009, 10 & 11) with her best ranking being in 2010 when she was 24th out of 79.

Jean won the first-ever Women’s masters competition in Aug, 2010. Also placed 3rd out of 11 in the 28 & over division of the Girls Combi Classic in Jan, 2013.

She hits the road (almost) every summer with her 2 daughters (& their dog) to see the country, visit friends & family &, perhaps most importantly, check out skate spots. The summer of 2011 she and her family went through 21 states & skated 40 spots (mostly parks, a few private backyard ramps/bowls, 1 ditch).

She has only broken 1 bone (ankle, 3 days before her 30th birthday), unless you count teeth…she has busted three of them, one at the 1st Annual Mighty Mama Skate-O-Rama.

Jean is currently in search of “untraditional” sponsors (Geritol, Oil of Olay, Kotes) at least until she actually hits her “change of life,” and says at that point she’ll be interested in an estrogen-replacement hook-up.