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Amy Treadway – Welcome to the Team!

We are extremely excited to welcome Amy Treadway to the OG BETTY team!!

Amy Treadway OG Betty FS Grind

We asked Amy to give a little background about herself and this is what she had to say.

I grew up in the Santa Cruz Mountains, Texas and Santa Cruz, but primarily the Santa Cruz Mountains in a small town called Ben Lomond. I got introduced to skating through my step-brothers because they skated. My first memory of skating was when I was ten, the only reason I remember was because it was the only time I’ve gotten my mouth washed out with soap. I was trying to do an Ollie in the driveway of this house we stayed at in Maui during the summer and I must have hurt myself in the process or something because I yelled, “fuck!”, well my sister heard my ten year old self yelling fuck and that was it; time for me to bite into a bar of soap for 10 mins.

Amy Treadway backside air

The following year when I was eleven was the first time I skated a park, and got my own board set up. Ironically the same sister that washed my mouth out with soap was the person that got me my first complete. The skate park that I first skated was my home park in Ben Lomond called Highlands. It was a newly opened park at the time and I decided to go with my step-brothers. This first time going still sticks out to me for the following reasons; the park was extremely damp, so I rolled in not knowing this makes a difference and ended up stacking. I still went with them to the park a few times, but I didn’t really get into skating till a few years later. Starting at 14 I skated the park pretty regularly, but then didn’t really skate when I was 15. I haven’t stopped skating since I was 16, so the past 8 years have been consistent. Although from the time I was 16-19 and before that I was skating different places but, only riding bowls, but not really doing any tricks except here and there. For the last four years that’s when I started having fun learning different tricks and skating pretty much everyday. It’s fun to challenge myself and work at learning something new. Skating helps me to chill out and not get stir crazy; it’s an adrenaline rush that makes you get lost in it.

Amy Treadway Pool Skating

One of my favorite places to skate is Buena; it was the first pool I ever skated. I would say pools in general are definitely my favorite type of transition; that and DIY’s like grandpa’s, the flower shop and my new favorite Lower Bob’s. I like to skate stuff like that because it’s quick, fun, challenging and brings solid people together to shred. I also love skating a bunch of parks around Texas because it’s like my second home and there’s some really rad chicks that I’m friends with out there that rip at skating and it’s really fun. I of course will always love Ben Lomond Skate Park because it’s where I essentially grew up skating and still love skating. One of my favorite tricks is a front side stand up grind, really fun. My life right now consists of going to community college, painting, going on skate trips and skating primarily with my best friend Cassie. One of the skaters that I’m inspired by the most would be Peter Hewitt for sure. My friend Melissa Sullivan rips and has always been an inspiration, she’s just really humble and genuine too, just an all around awesome person and skateboarder. Julz is a ripper who is inspiring to see skate.


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