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January 2015 - Original Betty Skateboard Co.



Hannah Chumley – Welcome To The Team!

hanna chumley original betty skateboard co

Good Morning! We have amazing news to share with you today! We are Welcoming Hannah Chumley to the OG Betty team!
Here is Hannah’s story:)

Hannah Chumley started skateboarding at the age of seven, when her dad brought home a Termite skateboard. She immediately picked it up and became attached to her board. At age eight, she entered her first contest, The Rise of the Grom, where she placed 11th out of 16 boys. She was bummed, but that didn’t stop her. The next year, Hannah competed in the King of the Groms qualifier at Progressive skatepark in Canton, Georgia and placed 2nd out of 32 boys. A few months later, she made her first skate expedition to Golden Valley, Minnesota, to compete in the finals, where she placed 7th place. After doing well in several competitions, Hannah became a regular at Progressive Skatepark.

Hannah has had many accomplishments in skating, but some of her favorites is the time she got 2nd place at Skatepark of Tampa’s Spring Roll street contest when she was 10 and getting 2nd in AM bowl at the 2014 Exposure. She has traveled all over the southeast, and to Minnesota and California. Her favorite place to skate would either be Fowler park, or Swift Cantrell. Both are all concrete outdoor parks, but Swift has pool coping and is her go-to training park. There aren’t many skaters where she lives in Canton, Georgia, but she does enjoy skating with her best friend Bobby, who is a rad all terrain skater.

Other than skateboarding, Hannah is a sophomore student in high school, and enjoys going to shows and jamming with her friends. She plays guitar, drums, and bass (soon to be banjo), but she enjoys guitar and drums the most. Music is her passion, along with skating. She is also a vegan, and likes cooking weird foods. Hannah plans on skateboarding, surfing, playing music and going on to college to major in linguistics and minor in Spanish.


Photo : Paul Luna