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Jenni Helms – Welcome To The Team!

Jenni Helms - Original Betty Skateboard Co.

Good morning!! We have a new addition to the OG Betty Team! Local Colorado ripper Jenni Helms :)

Jenni Helms started skateboarding in the parking lot of a Colorado local grocery store with her 2 best friends in high school, just pushing around and having fun. Shortly after high school when she was 18 years old, she found her skateboard to become her release and became fully addicted. Deep in the Colorado Rocky Mountains she’d lock up her snowboard for the winter season and pulled out her skateboard. The time Jenni spent on her board was complete freedom for her, unlike anything else she had experienced. She is now living in Arvada, Colorado where there is nothing short of places to skate. With so many skateparks at her finger tips, the choices became endless for which park to skate.

Her favorite place to skate is The Recycler, a wild concoction of wood ramps and add ons deep in a mystical backyard of her buddy Jerry’s. That is her paradise! The Team Pain pool built at Broomfield Skatepark is another one of her favorite places to skate. The tight transitions and challenging set of stairs in that pool keeps Jenni stoked and on her toes.
Jenni is truly inspired when she is out skating with her friends, having fun and laughing. With such a strong skate scene in Colorado, she is surrounded with nothing but fun and love. When she first moved to Arvada, she met Ash Mott, one of her truest inspiring female skaters. Ashley is a humble skater of 22 years who destroys pools with no fear. The days Jenni and Ash get to cruise, is a well deserved good day of skating and hanging.

When Jenni is not cruising around on her skateboard, she’s at Scuderia Rampante wrenching on Ferrari’s. She grew up around cars her whole life, whether it was at the race track or working on Ferraris in the garage with her father, she is no stranger to exotic cars. With the Ferrari shop constantly expanding and growing, Jenni has been kept busy and her hands dirty in the engines. After a long day of work at the shop, she loves nothing more than to break free and jump on her skateboard. Whether it’s a heated session going down or a mellow cruise through the park, no time on her board is waisted time. Cherish the moments and skate on!


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