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April 2014 - Original Betty Skateboard Co.



Original Betty Skateboards “Officially” Welcomes Brighton Zeuner aka “OG Chachi!”

Original Betty Skateboards is proud to welcome Brighton Zeuner, as an official member of the OGB team, as well as to her new home in San Diego, California!

Brighton aka “OG Chachi” has been part of the Original Betty family since 2012 holding down her position as our “Grom Rider.” At 9 years young, her progression in skateboarding is nonstop and she continues to do a great job keeping her fellow skaters stoked.

Brighton Zeuner - welcome photo


Brighton now lives in Encinitas, the town where she spent most of her summers since she was a baby. Before leaving her birthplace of Scottsdale, Arizona, “Chachi” took her confident skateboarding style and technical trickery to some of her favorite Phoenix-area skate parks, along with the ‘ole backyard spine ramp. Check out Brighton Zeuner 2014 AZ Edit and stay tuned for more from this little Original Betty ripper!

Brighton wants to send a special thanks to Josh Weiss of Motovation Films for the edit and to Pink Widow Distribution and the sister riders of Original Betty Skateboards and Silly Girl Skateboards for the continuous support.