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Original Betty Skateboard Co. Welcomes Jean Rusen To The Team

Jean Rusen, We are extremely proud to introduce you to the newest member of the OGBetty family!! Jean Rusen! Jean’s current home shredding grounds is Tempe, Arizona. She started skating at age 25.

She acquired her first sponsor at age 35 (nearly 36). Made the podium and won prize money at a pro event for the first time at age 44.

Jean was the first woman to ride in a World Cup Men’s event in Sept., 2009 (Tim Brauch Memorial Bowl Comp, Grandmasters division). She was ranked in the WCS Men’s Masters for 3 years (2009, 10 & 11) with her best ranking being in 2010 when she was 24th out of 79.

Jean won the first-ever Women’s masters competition in Aug, 2010. Also placed 3rd out of 11 in the 28 & over division of the Girls Combi Classic in Jan, 2013.

She hits the road (almost) every summer with her 2 daughters (& their dog) to see the country, visit friends & family &, perhaps most importantly, check out skate spots. The summer of 2011 she and her family went through 21 states & skated 40 spots (mostly parks, a few private backyard ramps/bowls, 1 ditch).

She has only broken 1 bone (ankle, 3 days before her 30th birthday), unless you count teeth…she has busted three of them, one at the 1st Annual Mighty Mama Skate-O-Rama.

Jean is currently in search of “untraditional” sponsors (Geritol, Oil of Olay, Kotes) at least until she actually hits her “change of life,” and says at that point she’ll be interested in an estrogen-replacement hook-up.


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